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Yeah, don't be afraid if you read this.
I'am actually writing in english.
Why? Thank Gin. He's the reason, why I don't wanna write my personal things in german.
He is reading my blog and I hate him for it.
Maybe I'm taking some mistakes but I'm not perfect and Iam also still learning.

Yesterday I had an hard discussion with this butthead.
I don't like to tell more about it but I saved the whole dialogue in a word-file on my computer.
It was too strange to hear someone speaking, who would like to kill me.
Stupid guy.
Try it. I'll take revenge.

Today was TAT.
I'd like to say just those words about it:
Touched. You said that I am too. So much. All what you say is true. I'll never find someone quite like you again.
Razors and the dying roses bleed. I don't leave you alone. Demi gods and hungry ghosts....oh god, god knows I'm not at home.
I looked into your eyes and saw, a world that does not exist.
I looked into your eyes and saw, a world I wish I was in.

I met Alex and Max again.
That was just all I really needed to forget those nasty words Gin told me. And Anna is still protecting him and his lies. whatever you like to do. I've got two boys, who are really understanding whats going on, even they don't know what its all about.
I'd like to keep this feeling inside of me.
Close to my heart.
But its just floating out of water in my hands..

I can't wait to see them again. To be part of them. I said a lot of nasty things to Alex. And also to Max. But they still like me. Whats the different between them and HIM?
Even if I hate to hold hands with a boy...I was so happy, that max and Alex done it.

So let me in, because I'm out.
I know that Iam someone, no one said I was.
....thrown away....

20.5.06 23:12


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